Begin playing tennis

Find valuable information on how to start playing tennis successfully

Begin playing tennis for tennis beginners

For your entry into tennis, we would like to give you an overview of the sport and tell you what to look out for at the beginning.

If you are still undecided whether tennis is the right sport for you, you can make the right decision for you after reading the articles.

We will give you 10 reasons why you should play tennis and give you an insight into the sport that every year inspires millions around the world.

Afterwards we give you practical tips and tricks to make your tennis start a success and show you what costs you have to expect. At the same time, we answer frequently asked questions, such as: Can I play tennis without being a member of a tennis club? Can I learn to play tennis without a tennis coach?

In addition, we explain the most important basics so that you can have a direct say in the club life of your tennis club. In addition, it helps to understand the process of classic tennis tournaments, so that the club championships in your tennis club run successfully for you.

An introduction to tactical basics, doubles play, where two-on-two is played, and the transition from summer to winter season and from winter to summer season, as well as many other articles, will help you in your tennis career.

Should you have any questions about the most important tennis terms, it’s best to check out our tennis glossary, where the important terms are explained. After that you will be able to speak the tennis language.

Below we explain what you should pay special attention to when starting tennis – have fun hitting the tennis balls on the tennis courts.

Every year, millions of people around the globe play tennis. As passionate tennis players, we can say from our own experience that once you’ve been bitten by the tennis bug, you’ll never get over it. […]

Most people consider starting to play tennis in the spring or summer. Without tennis players in the circle of friends, the beginning of tennis is a bit difficult for most people – especially if you want to learn tennis alone. But […]

Even if the vast majority goes the classical way and learns to play tennis with a coach, it is of course possible to learn tennis without a coach. Although we do not advocate the approach without a coach, […]

Many tennis enthusiasts and people interested in tennis would like to know if playing tennis without membership is possible? Below we answer this question and give you a few tips and tricks along the way – enjoy reading […]

Many people interested in tennis ask themselves the question again and again: How much does it cost to play tennis? Do I need the complete tennis equipment directly? What costs do I have to calculate? What if […]

Many tennis beginners have improved their own stroke technique on the tennis court and are highly motivated to finally apply what they have learned at a tennis tournament. But how does a tennis tournament […]

We are often asked: “Can you still learn tennis at 40 or 50?” and the answer is always clear: Yes, tennis can be started and learned at any age. Therefore, no false modesty and just give it a try. And even if […]

Some people interested in tennis hesitate at first: What does tennis promote? What exactly is trained in tennis? Is playing tennis healthy? In short, why should I play tennis? We would like to give you 10 reasons why you […]

Tennis is often perceived as a classic singles sport, but doubles is also becoming increasingly popular around the world. In most local competitions, both singles and doubles, two against two, are […]

With every tennis stroke you make a tactical decision – where do I return the tennis ball? Do I play the ball safely into the court or do I increase the pace to get the opponent going? Do I attack the net or […]

Finally playing tennis again in the fresh air and with sunshine on your face. All tennis players look forward to this in spring at the latest. But especially during the first matches, disillusionment often sets in, because […]

At the beginning of October, it usually gets a little uncomfortable on the outdoor tennis courts with the arrival of autumn and people look forward to the upcoming indoor sessions. But […]

On the tennis court, a large number of tennis players pursue their favorite hobby of tennis. Tennis courts usually have a concrete, sand or ash surface outdoors and a concrete or carpet surface indoors. However, […]



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