How to start playing tennis as an adult?

Your tennis start in 4 steps

How to start playing tennis as an adult?

Most people consider starting to play tennis in the spring or summer. Without tennis players in the circle of friends, the beginning of tennis is a bit difficult for most people – especially if you want to learn tennis alone. But we can reassure you, it’s not that difficult to take the steps up to the tennis court.

Getting started with your tennis career in 4 steps – whether you’re alone, a couple or a foursome. The following step-by-step instructions will pave the way for a successful start in tennis.

1. Search tennis facilities near you

You already know the most important information about playing tennis, the tennis rules and terms and you finally want to try it yourself.

The first thing to do is to look for offline and online tennis facilities in your area. Maybe friends already play tennis and can tell you about their experiences. In addition to tennis clubs, search the popular search engines for other playing options, such as a tennis park – a privately run facility with tennis courts.

What are the similarities and differences between a tennis club and tennis park?

Both the tennis club and tennis park offer tennis courts for independent tennis play and the optional referral of a tennis coach. Both usually offer a paid trial session and both promote getting to know each other through tennis events, e.g. tournaments organized by the club itself.

The difference lies in the billing concept and in getting to know new playing partners.

In the case of a tennis club, a membership is concluded with which the courts can be used free of charge during the summer months from mid-April to mid-October. In a tennis park, either a weekly hourly subscription, i.e. a fixed tennis court at a certain time, is taken out or individual hours are booked and paid for according to availability.

In a tennis club, there is usually a greater chance – especially at the beginning of the summer season – of finding players of the same age and skill level who could form a training group. In general, the potential pool of teammates is larger and one is not as dependent on the same playing partners as when taking out a weekly hourly subscription at the tennis park.

Conclusion: Both sides have their advantages and disadvantages. The deciding factor is which option suits you better and what your short- and long-term tennis goals are. If you are not quite sure where your tennis path will lead you, we can reassure you. A later change from one side to the other is possible without any problems.

2. Contact tennis clubs or tennis parks and ask your questions

Once the potential tennis playing opportunities have been identified, start learning about the venues on their websites. The homepages help to get a general first impression and overview of possible offers.

In addition, special offers are usually actively advertised. Also make a note of the contact details of relevant contact persons: in a tennis club the tennis sports administrator and in a tennis park the tennis supervisor is a suitable contact person.

Below are the 10 most important questions for your search – some may already be answered with the help of the websites:

  • How many tennis courts are available indoors and outdoors? Court surface?
  • How many members / players are there of your own age?
  • What does a typical start to playing tennis in the club look like?
  • What is the best way to find equal playing partners? Get to know each other evening?
  • What possibilities are there to take training?
  • How many coaches do you have? Which coach(es) are recommended?
  • What are the phone numbers of the coaches?
  • What kind of games are available for my skill level (teams, hobby rounds, fun tournaments, etc.)?
  • How much does the (annual) membership cost? Is there a trial membership for the first year?
  • How much is approximately one training hour?

3. Arrange a trial training with a trainer

Are you interested in becoming a member of the tennis club? Then you should try out the tennis club under the professional guidance of a trainer. Again, do not be shy, but simply call the coach directly.

In the telephone call necessarily inquire, what must be brought along already with the test training. Usually it is only sporty clothes and something to drink. Sometimes, however, you are expected to bring your own tennis shoes, while rackets and balls are provided.

If you start alone, it would be ideal if the trainer has other requests for a trial training and can possibly let you train in a potential group. This way you can also get to know possible playing partners directly besides the training.

Normally tennis training takes place with up to 4 tennis students plus tennis coach:

  • Advantages of individual training: In individual training you have the best opportunity to make fast progress, because the coach can respond to you individually and thus work specifically on your weaknesses. Especially at the beginning of your tennis career, it makes sense to take a few individual lessons in addition to group training in order to learn the right stroke technique.
  • Advantages of two- to four-person training: Group training is the normal introduction to tennis. Often the playing partners are already found here with whom one plays the next years of his tennis career together. In addition to training, you should also play tennis regularly on your own to gain more confidence in your movements and strokes.

If the harmony in the group is right and the trainer seems likeable, nothing stands in the way of a successful tennis career. If you are in a bad mood, you don’t want to go to training and the risk of quitting tennis before you have even started increases.

Therefore, you should contact several tennis clubs or tennis parks and arrange a trial training. You will quickly notice which coach will help you the most in your current situation. On the other hand, the best coach won’t help you if you don’t have any playing partners. In the end, the whole package should be right.

4. Make your decision according to the best overall package

After evaluating your various options, the decision is made. We sincerely hope that a tennis club or tennis park has convinced you and that tennis fever has been kindled in you. And trust us: tennis is a lot of fun and you will not regret starting.

5. Summary and conclusion

The opportunity to learn tennis is most likely also available in your area. Research online already first information and contact the tennis club or tennis park with the help the stated questionnaire. Complete several trial training sessions at different venues and then decide on the best overall package. Afterwards, nothing stands in the way of your successful tennis start – have fun!

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