Tennis bag for beginners

Learn which tennis bag is best for tennis beginners

Tennis bag for beginners

The majority of active tennis players have their own tennis bag. In the tennis bag are transported not only tennis balls, tennis rackets and tennis shoes, but also a bottle of water to drink, shower stuff and change of clothes.

Tennis bags last for several years if treated carefully and do not belong to the wear-and-tear items like tennis balls. So if you are sure that you want to stay loyal to tennis for a longer time, then buying a tennis bag is definitely recommended.

In the following, we will show you the different tennis bags, support you in choosing the right tennis bag and name their costs – enjoy reading.

1. Tennis bag introduction

There are two different types of tennis bags for the tennis court and additionally two more ways to store some of the tennis equipment:

a) Tennis bag: Tennis racket bag
The tennis racket bag is probably the best-selling tennis bag. In the racket bag fits all the tennis equipment as well as everyday items, such as wallet and keys.

A separate shoe compartment, inside and outside zippered pockets, a carry handle and shoulder straps complete the total package.

b) Tennis bag: Tennis backpack

The classic tennis backpack is smaller than the tennis racket bag, but often also has a separate shoe compartment.

The tennis backpack is the tennis bag for children and teenagers, as this is much lighter than the heavier tennis racket bags. But also many ladies and gentlemen use the tennis backpack as a tennis bag to prevent back pain.

c) Tennis racket cover
Tennis racket covers are sometimes available free of charge with the purchase of a tennis racket. The racket cover with zipper fits exactly one tennis racket.

The racket cover has a ventilation grill at the bottom of the handle so that a potentially damp tennis racket handle can air out. In addition, the racket cover has a carrying strap on the outside, some even with a carrying strap, so that the cover can be comfortably hung over the shoulder. Alternatively, the racket cover can also be stowed in the tennis bag.

d) Tennis shoe bag & sack
The tennis shoe bag or the shoe sack protects the change of clothes as well as the tennis bag from the reddish grains of sand after an intensive tennis lesson on the red clay court.

Many tennis bags already have a separate shoe compartment. However, the comparatively clean treadless carpet tennis shoes and the often dirty clay court tennis shoes do not fit in there together.

Therefore, especially for the dirty clay court tennis shoes a separate tennis shoe bag or shoe sack offers. The shoe bag is closed with a zipper while the shoe sack is closed with a cord. Children also like to wear the shoe bag as a small backpack on their back.

Both the tennis shoe bag and the shoe sack should have a ventilation grid, so that damp tennis shoes can air out.

2. Features of tennis bags

Both the tennis racket bag and the tennis backpack, each with shoe compartment, aim to protect the tennis equipment. Both have been created from durable material, which usually protects both for too much heat and from rain.

Tennis racket bag is also equipped with backpack function due to the two straps and can be carried on the back.

The main features of tennis bags are explained below:

a) Size of the tennis bag

In the tennis bag should accommodate all other things in addition to the normal tennis equipment. There are both small and large tennis bags, although the tennis backpack tends to be one of the smaller tennis bags. The size of the tennis racket bag is usually indicated by the number of tennis rackets to be stowed, although not all racket compartments are actually used for rackets.

b) Separate shoe compartment in the tennis bag

A tennis bag with a shoe compartment offers much better protection to keep dirt away from other compartments inside the tennis bag, especially after playing on the red clay.


c) Outside and inside pockets with zippers

The tennis bag is also used to store valuables, among other things. In the case of a tennis bag with few separate pockets, the cell phone and keys may have to be stored together in one pocket. During transport, for example, the cell phone can be scratched, which is avoidable.

In addition, zippers should be present so that the things remain in place and do not have to be scattered throughout the tennis bag search.

3. Buy the right tennis bag

With the help of the previously mentioned features of tennis bags, it should be easy for you to find the right tennis bag as well as other possible bags.

We would like to emphasize that the journey to the tennis venue should be considered in the choice. If the arrival and departure is mainly by bike, because the tennis club is close to you, the tennis backpack is a good choice as a tennis bag because of the greater comfort.

However, if there is already more than one tennis racket and both tennis rackets should always be with you to prevent a broken tennis string, we recommend the tennis racket bag as a tennis bag, because there can be stowed more.

The choice, whether it is a tennis backpack or a tennis racket bag, you must make alone.

A good tennis racket bag, a good tennis backpack, a good tennis racket cover as well as a good tennis shoe bag & sack should last at least 4 years if treated carefully.

Many tennis players purchase a tennis bag from the same brand as their tennis racket(s). Therefore, the classic brands for tennis bags are Babolat, Head and Wilson.

4. Tennis bag cost

The tennis bag is to protect your own tennis equipment and even more from dirt. The cost per tennis bag varies based on the features selected and the year of release.

The following is an approximate cost estimate per tennis bag:

Tennis racket bag (previous year model): 60-100 dollar

Tennis racket bag (current model): 80-120 dollar

Tennis backpack (last year’s model): 50-80 dollar

Tennis backpack (current model): 60-100 dollar

Tennis racket bag: 20-30 dollar

Tennis shoe bag & sack: 10-25 dollar

We recommend tennis beginners to buy a reduced last year’s model, because this way the tennis bag is much cheaper.

5. Summary and conclusion

A tennis bag protects both your tennis equipment and personal belongings while playing tennis. There is a distinction between a tennis racket bag and a tennis backpack as a tennis bag.

The right tennis bag should then be made based on the features size of the tennis bag, separate shoe compartment in the tennis bag and exterior and interior zippered pockets. Tennis beginners should not spend more than 80 dollar for a tennis racket bag or 60 dollar for a tennis backpack.

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