Tennis stroke technique

Memorize the important tennis strokes

Tennis stroke technique

At the latest as soon as you have acquired the right tennis equipment, it’s time to play tennis.

In the beginning it is especially important to internalize the right technique. Because if you learn it wrong at the beginning, it is much more difficult to unlearn or relearn it later. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you start your tennis career with a tennis coach.

First you learn the forehand and backhand technique. Even without being able to play another tennis stroke, you can now play tennis balls back and forth over the net with your playing partner. The forehand is traditionally hit one-handed with your strong hand while the backhand can be played one-handed or two-handed.

By learning to volley, which means playing the tennis ball directly out of the air without bouncing, you can already advance to the net and play volleys. Volleys are played or blocked one-handed on the forehand and backhand side.

The serve is the most difficult hurdle for many tennis beginners, because learning the movement is a real challenge in terms of coordination. But we can reassure you, because you will also master this stroke with the right technique and training.

The smash, which is similar to the serve, completes the repertoire of your basic tennis strokes.

In addition, you can learn many variations of individual tennis strokes. A lob, for example, is nothing more than a forehand or backhand stroke played at a slightly higher level. We have shown you many other strokes for corresponding moves. These include, for example, the return, the attacking ball or the popular tweener, a shot through the legs – you don’t need to put the tweener on your second training session, you can wait a few more hours.

In the following, we will explain the correct grip, backswing, movement and swing for the different strokes and give you a few tips along the way.

Have fun and success learning the right stroke technique on the tennis court.

The forehand is a particularly important stroke in tennis, as the strong forehand dictates the tennis game and prepares for winning the point. The forehand is played with the stronger hand, i.e. usually the right hand […]

The backhand in tennis is initially identified by many tennis beginners as a weak point, because the process is less natural than with the forehand. Especially in the beginning, it is important to gain the necessary […]

A volley in tennis is usually played at the front of the net. The tennis ball does not bounce but is played directly out of the air. Building on strong forehand and backhand strokes, there is often an opportunity to get to […]

The serve opens the game in tennis and often decides whether you win or lose. A good serve puts you in a promising position for the next shot. A weak serve, on the other hand, puts you directly on the defensive […]

The smash is a tennis stroke played over the head, which often successfully ends the rally because of the high speed. For fear of making a mistake, many tennis beginners bounce the ball normally and […]

In tennis, the lob is an efficient shot, especially on the defensive, to get back into the rally or even win it directly. Most of the time the lob is the answer to a net attack of the opponent. Tennis beginners usually learn […]

The drop-shot is another stroke in the repertoire of every advanced tennis player. Many tennis beginners literally stick their strokes on the baseline, so a drop-shot is particularly well suited to break the opponent’s […]

The return is the first shot after an opponent’s serve and therefore occurs in almost every rally – except when a double fault or ace is hit. Therefore, it is important to practice the return again and again, because […]

The slice serve is a variation of the tennis serve. The aim of the slice serve is to give the tennis ball a sideways spin and not the highest speed, so that the ball bounces sideways when it reaches the opponent’s side […]

The kick serve is a variation of the tennis serve. The goal of the kick serve is to give the tennis ball a forward spin and not the highest speed, so that the ball bounces high quickly when it reaches the opponent’s side […]

The serve is one of the most difficult tennis strokes in terms of coordination and often a source of uncertainty, especially for tennis beginners. While the first serve is usually hit with a lot of force, the second serve […]

When do I advance to the net after a good shot and try to put the opponent under even more pressure and possibly finish with a the volley to win the point? Many tennis beginners ask themselves this question again and […]

On TV, it always looks elegant and easy when tennis pros attack with a targeted slice and advance to the net, then finish the point with a volley. But the slice is much more difficult when you stand on the tennis court […]

In every tennis annual highlight, you see the tweener in perfection. A player is outplayed by a lob and runs back and plays the tennis ball through his own legs past the opponent with his back to the net. This shot is […]

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