Tennis equipment

Buy the right tennis equipment as a beginner

Tennis equipment

Once your mind is made up and you want to become a tennis player and are serious about it, you will need tennis equipment.

You don’t have to buy all tennis equipment at once at the beginning, but a certain basic equipment is useful so that you can integrate yourself into the club life of your tennis club.

First and foremost, this includes your own tennis racket. It can be assumed that as a tennis beginner you will not directly break the string, so a tennis racket is sufficient for the beginning of your tennis career.

In addition, you should definitely buy a pack of tennis balls. If you are a member of a tennis club and you want to practice with a tennis coach and a friend, you will need your own balls. Two 4-can tennis balls should be enough for your tennis start. If tennis balls get lost, you can easily replace them.

You should also buy the right shoes. There are different types of tennis shoes for the tennis surface. Since you probably like the majority
of all newcomers to the summer season and in the US almost every tennis court is a hard court, you should buy tennis hard court shoes.

If you then hopefully realize that tennis is your absolute dream sport, you can continually expand your tennis equipment.

This includes, for example, the classic tennis bag, where you stow your tennis racket, a water bottle and a change of clothes.

In addition, there are special tennis clothes and other tennis accessories. These can be, for example, tennis caps, headbands, sweatbands for the wrists or a tennis damper.

In addition, you will need new tennis shoes for the winter season if you have a carpeted tennis hall. At the latest now it is time to think about whether a second tennis racket should be purchased – especially if you have already broken the tennis string.

Below we explain what you need to look for when buying your tennis equipment – have fun buying your tennis equipment.

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