Tennis hitting exercises

Practice your strokes with simple exercises

Tennis hitting exercises

To master the stroke technique and even afterwards, it is important to continue to practice all tennis strokes in order to continuously improve on the tennis court. In doing so, you will improve your stroke safety, your stroke precision and your stroke speed.

But before you start practicing your strokes on the tennis court, you need to warm up to get your body going and prevent injuries. Therefore, always come to the tennis facility well in advance of your actual court reservation to warm up and then start playing tennis on time.

We have presented you with stroke exercises for the most important basic strokes in tennis. These include forehand drills, backhand drills, volley drills, serve drills and smash drills.

There are several exercises shown in each case, which become a bit more difficult from exercise to exercise. Therefore, always start with the first exercise and once you have mastered it, move on to the second exercise. If an exercise does not work as planned or lacks a certain level of confidence, then we recommend you go back one exercise. All in all, especially as a tennis beginner, you should always start from the first exercise again until you have really internalized it completely. Then, for example, you can start your training session with the third exercise.

Do not vary the focus of your stroke exercises too often in a training session at the beginning of your tennis career. If you want to train forehand drills, backhand drills, volley drills, serve drills and smash drills in one hour, you will quickly be overwhelmed. Therefore, concentrate for example on forehand exercises for one hour and then on backhand exercises for the next hour. In the third lesson you can mix forehand and backhand exercises.

Have fun and success training the different tennis strokes on the tennis court.

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