Why did you start playing tennis?

A survey about the reasons

Why did you start playing tennis?

There are countless reasons to play tennis or to start playing tennis. We’ve already given you 10 reasons to play tennis: from boosting concentration, to being an age-independent sport, to the fun factor.

Now we asked tennis players why they started playing tennis. Below we present you the interesting results – enjoy reading.

1. Why did you start playing tennis?

We asked active tennis players why they started playing tennis at that time:

  • 53% Because my parents played tennis
  • 24% Because the tennis courts were on the doorstep
  • 12% Because I wanted to meet new people
  • 6% Because I wanted to be active for my health
  • 6% Because I saw it on TV and wanted to try it out

The most frequently mentioned answer is that of one’s own parents, who were already active tennis players themselves.

The second most frequently mentioned answer is the local proximity to tennis courts or tennis clubs.

The third most common answer is the social aspect of simply wanting to meet new people.

Let’s go a bit more into the answers.

2. Because my parents played tennis

The start of the own tennis career is connected to over 50% and thus most frequently with the own roots: The parents house.

If the parents already play tennis and are active in the tennis club, e.g. by participating in tennis tournaments, it is obvious that the own children are taken to the tennis facility. Especially since most tennis clubs also have a restaurant and there are always small or large parties for young and old.

In addition, most tennis clubs also offer tennis training for children. The children are enrolled and often remain loyal to tennis their whole lives.

In the meantime, however, tennis has shed its reputation as a rich man’s sport and is not elitist as many people still believe. This is also confirmed by the costs of playing tennis, which we have determined.

3. Because there are tennis courts in front of the house

About a quarter of the tennis players surveyed cited the proximity of the tennis courts as a reason for their tennis career.

It sounds logical to try the sport of tennis if you have passed by the tennis courts x times before and seen the emotions on the faces of tennis players.

The convenience, especially in the summer months, of spontaneously playing another round of tennis in the evening – without having to travel long distances – and enjoying a cool drink on the terrace afterwards sounds tempting.

4. Because I wanted to meet new people

More than every 10th answer was aimed at the social aspect. Tennis clubs form communities where you can meet new people.

Often a few friends get together directly and start their own tennis careers together. The advantages are obvious, because theoretically you can directly form a training group. In the summer season, however, there are usually even more like-minded people who want to try out tennis, so that new people are automatically met.

Another aspect is the distinct club life. From the New Year’s reception, the opening of the season, joint excursions, the club’s own tennis tournaments, joint festivities and Christmas parties, the whole year offers a program and opportunities to get to know each other.

Even when moving to a new city, sport facilitates integration and finding new friendships. Tennis is a great way to make new friends.

5. Because I wanted to be active for my health

Playing tennis keeps your whole body moving and active. Even body parts you didn’t even know you had before.

Additionally, tennis can be played year-round regardless of the weather. In the summer months, mostly under blue skies in the fresh air.

Therefore, it is an excellent way to keep fit into old age. It promotes concentration, coordination, endurance and reaction.

6. Because I watched it on TV and wanted to try it out

Tennis is broadcast on television all the time. Especially the biggest tennis tournaments in the world: the Grand Slam tournaments Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open make millions of viewers in front of their TV sets follow the action.

So it’s only logical that people want to try it themselves afterwards, to emulate the tennis idols. This is also one of the reasons given for starting one’s own tennis career.

7. Summary and conclusion

It is exciting to see that there are many different reasons to start playing tennis. The own parents are thereby the most frequent reason why also to the tennis racket is seized.

But in the end it is crucial that you became active and tried tennis. Almost no one has ever regretted their own tennis career.

Have fun at the beginning of your tennis career!

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