Win more tennis matches

Win more tennis matches with these tips and tricks

Win more tennis matches

Every tennis player wants to leave the tennis court as a winner. No one has managed this yet, but all tennis players have the goal of winning more tennis matches. This is exactly what we want to help you with.

We have already explained the tennis tactics basics for beginners and below we explain how to win even more tennis matches – enjoy reading.

1. How to win in tennis?

In tennis, you win the tennis match if you are the first to win two sets. It is irrelevant how the respective sets ended. In the end, two sets must be won. A 7:6, 0:6, 7:6 counts as a win just like a 6:1, 6:0. A draw is not possible in tennis.

It is already clear from the exemplary results that it is not always the better tennis player who ends the tennis match as the winner. It is crucial to win the points in the decisive moments of the tennis match.

Within a service game, 15, 30, 40, game is counted. A game must be won with a two-point lead.

At 0:40, the opponent needs another point win from the next three points to win the match.

At 40:40, also called deuce, both players need two more points to win the game.

Therefore, the point at 40:40 is more important in comparison than at 0:40. Therefore, successful tennis players divide their conditional and mental forces accordingly to be wide awake at the important points.

2. What makes a good tennis player?

A good tennis player is physically and mentally top fit at the peak of the tennis season and calls up the best possible performance in the decisive tennis matches at the crucial points on the tennis court. The interaction of stroke technique, physical condition and mental strength leads to success.

The highlight of the tennis season can be either a local or national tennis tournament or the summer or winter season with the team. Accordingly, you structure your training schedule to be as top fit as possible.

There are many training world champions in tennis, who unfortunately can not call up the performance in the tennis match. On the other hand, there are some tennis players who manage to improve their performance in the decisive moments and probably defeat stronger opponents.

The combination of an excellent stroke technique with an outstanding physical condition paired with the mental strength to be able to call up the performance in the important moments separates the good tennis players from the best tennis players.

When you observe tennis professionals in training, you rarely see big differences in stroke technique or conditional reserves. All tennis professionals have excellent tennis strokes and condition. Therefore, mental strength is often the deciding factor between victory and defeat in the end.

3. What are the tennis game strategies?

In tennis, there are three basic playing strategies:

  • Safety-oriented: Not taking any risks and playing every ball back safely
  • Balanced: Take risks at certain points and attack from time to time.
  • Aggressive: Take a high risk and make as many winning shots as possible

The safety-oriented playing strategy is based on excellent basic fitness and the goal of running and returning every ball. Any risk of making an own mistake is avoided. One tries to profit from the mistakes of the opponents and thus to win the tennis match.


The balanced game strategy is based on a solid stroke technique and the goal, depending on the game situation, to either return the ball without making a mistake or to return the ball aggressively when an opportunity arises. The opponent cannot adjust to a game strategy and thus tries to get off balance in order to win the tennis match.

The aggressive game strategy is based on hard serves, aggressive topspin played baseline shots as well as good net play. The rallies are kept short accordingly and finished with as many winning shots as possible. Errors are also okay as long as the number of winning strokes is higher. The opponent is literally “overpowered” in order to win the tennis match.

At every tennis level, you can see the corresponding game strategies – even among tennis professionals – and the results often vary among equally strong tennis players depending on the form of the day and mental strength.

4. Are there any successful tennis tactics against stronger opponents?

Yes, there is a successful tennis tactic against stronger opponents. If you can’t beat your opponent with the best possible tennis, then you have to try to disrupt the opponent’s game. It is necessary to identify weaknesses in other game strategies and play on them.


It may be that your opponent can counter your best tennis because it simply suits him or her and is a game class better than you. However, this does not automatically mean that he or she is superior to you in all playing strategies.

Therefore, change your game strategy – even if you think that you are usually most successful with this game strategy. Your opponent may reveal unexpected weaknesses that you can exploit. Try to get your opponent out of the rhythm and turn the match around.

5. Are there any special tennis tips and tricks for beginners?

There are many tennis tips and tricks for tennis beginners. An excellent tactical understanding of the game in any situation is an enormous advantage. This coupled with conscious use of your own and your opponent’s tennis strengths and weaknesses will significantly increase your chances of winning.


We have summarized the best tennis tips and tricks for beginners:

6. Summary and conclusion

Certain tennis tips and tricks can be used to win more tennis matches, because it is not always the better tennis player who wins. It is the one who wins the important points in the decisive moments who wins.

For this, the interplay between excellent stroke technique, excellent fitness as well as mental strength is crucial.

Good luck on the tennis court – may you always win your matches!

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